Meet the Boys

Glenn - Guitar and Vocals


Raised at the edge of the middle of nowhere along the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains, freezing winters and cauldron-hot summers taught Glenn the value of running water and electricity. The fifth of ten children, He learned to eat fast, run fast and lay low until the dust settled. After a typical childhood of broken bones, fist fights and old-school discipline, he escaped into the world of art and music. Singing and playing guitar in "upscale Montana venues", Glenn learned to size-up a crowd, to know whom to stay clear of. After a mis-step or two, he ended up with a degree in Music Composition from the University of Montana. He continued his musical journey by singing in the Seattle symphony chorale for eight years, but turned in his tuxedo for plaid shirts and now focuses on bluegrass.

Turn-ons: boilermakers, swing dancing, being fashionably late.
Turn-offs: bad service, roughing it, other people being late.

Sam - Fiddle and Vocals


Reared by itinerant PCT through-hikers, Sam grew up with bears as friends, learning firecraft and defensive tree-climbing as a young tot. Eschewing footwear, she navigated street, stream and trail with fleet silence, known far and wide as a skilled and lethal hunter, reliably providing her clan with essential proteins sourced from land, sea, and air. Exposure to numerous vivid and grim examples pushed Sam to early mastery of journeyman-level personal hygiene and an immense vocabulary. Eventually tiring of her well-meaning but dim trailmates, Sam acquired footwear and inculcated a combination of awe and fear upon academic society, which in its raging, confused devotion provided Sam with the stratospheric levels of cognitive challenge she so needed. Like silt suspended in the flood waters of a great river, Sam left a trail of enlightenment and destruction behind her, always careful to cover her tracks, protect the innocent, and punish the guilty. In the emergence from her hermitage, Sam exploded by storm, using her musical prowess to command and elevate the sad existences and simplistic murmerings of all those around her.

Turn-offs: Turn-on/Turn-off lists

Adam - Bass and Vocals